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Kingworld Medicines Group Limited is principally engaged in the distribution of branded imported pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the PRC. According to the Top 100 Importers of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Products Report published by CCCMHPIE which was based on the statistics provided by the PRC Customs, Kingworld ranked the top 100 importers based on imported value from 2009 to 2012 . The Group managed a portfolio of 60 pharmaceutical and healthcare products, general foodstuffs and a medical product which are manufactured in Japan, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and the PRC and sourced from 13 different suppliers and/or manufacturers.

The Group managed 10 different functional categories, namely cough and phlegm relieving, gastrointestinal, vitamin, orthopedics, cardiovascular, influenza and others. many of which are established brand names including Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, Taiko Seirogan, Kawai Product Range, Flying Eagle Wood Lok Medicated Oil, Kyushin Pill, and Mentholatum Product Range.

The Group has established its extensive distribution network in the PRC consists of about 238 Distributor Customers, about 568 Sub-distributor Customers ,800 potential Sub-distributor Customers, and approx 3,000 Product Display Booths covering 45 cities across 17 provinces in the PRC,Total of more than 50,000 retail outlets.