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Kingworld Medicines Showcased Disney Adhesive Bandage Series at Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2012

Source: Kingworld medicine

Establishing Brand Mission in Creative Culture
HONG KONG, April 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Kingworld Medicines Group Limited ("Kingworld Medicines" or the "Company" and, together with its subsidiaries, the "Group", HKEx Stock code: 01110), a distributor of renowned branded imported pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the PRC, participated in the Boao Forum for Asia ("BFA") Annual Conference 2012 as the sole provider of healthcare products. Kingworld Medicines showcased the new adhesive bandages created under the Group's collaboration with Disney and shared the creative concepts, establishing its creative brand culture.
"Name Brand Distributor" Leading the Cultural Revolution
Kingworld Medicines has been consecutively ranked among the top 100 importers of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in China. Products managed by the Group include well-known brand names such as Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, Taiko Seirogan and Imada Red Flower Oil. In addition, Kingworld Medicines obtained authorization to produce the Disney vitamin product series in 2007 and the Group also obtained five new product areas from Walt Disney in 2011. After comprehensive market research, the adhesive bandages collaborated between Kingworld Medicines and Walt Disney was launched at the end of 2011.
Adhesive bandages are a daily-life necessity; Kingworld Medicines chose to add the element of happiness represented by Disney to the adhesive bandage product line, revolutionizing the industry visually and culturally. The showcase of the Disney adhesive bandages at the BFA Forum received much favorable responses and praises from the guests, initiating a wave of creative culture.
Second-Generation Adhesive Bandages, Disney "Cool Stickers" Emerge as Industry Pioneer
With urbanization driving social development, people demand greater visual attractiveness and quality. The popular features of traditional adhesive bandages can no longer cope with the trend of consumer segmentation and diversified demand. Kingworld Medicines' Disney second-generation adhesive bandages were developed with the double concept of 'stick with creativity' and 'stick with attitude' that emphasize creative culture and personified designs. The Group added the element of happiness brought by Disney and also combined Chinese and Western cultures presenting them visually in a modern way. In addition, detailed considerations have been put into areas such as product design, pattern design, directions for use and medical benefits with the launch of a new product series.
Commenting on the Group's showcase of the Disney adhesive bandages at this year's BFA Annual Conference, Mr. Zhao Li Sheng, Chairman and Executive Director of Kingworld Medicines said, "The Kingworld Disney Cool Stickers has significantly transformed the traditional industry and the product represents a new mode of thinking with a daring and innovative spirit. The creative design of the adhesive bandages shows the Group's mission of creativity; Kingworld Medicines has formed industry alliance and integrated with other industries in order to establish its position as the partner for developing the creativity of youngsters and children. It has provided a creative platform to support the physical and mental health development of Chinese youngsters and children, and also successfully delivered the brand culture of Kingworld Medicines towards the public."
About Kingworld Medicines Group Limited
Kingworld Medicines Group Limited is principally engaged in the distribution of branded imported pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the PRC. The Group ranked among the top 100 importers of its kind in China in 2010 based on imported value. The Group managed a portfolio of 60 products under 10 different functional categories which are manufactured in Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and mainland China and sourced from 13 different suppliers. Many of which are established brand names including Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, Taiko Seirogan, Kawai Liver Oil Drop series, Flying Eagle Wood Lok Medicated Oil, Imada Red Flower Oil, Kyushin Pill and Mentholatum series.