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Kreosote helps relieve IBS

Source: Kingworld medicine

Hard work ,high pressure ,exhaustion ,depression will result in health problems

People always ignore and pay no attention to such intestines and stomach problems as abdominal pain , diarrhea and constipation which is the symptom  

of IBS . IBS is becoming known by more people. Research of Hong Kong health center and digestive disease institute of medical college in CUHK shows that IBS’s morbidity is 5.4% . Chai Tiangao  ,M.D and deputy director in TAIKO PHARMACEUTICAL co., ltd from Japan, said, IBS ,a very common city disease , is 10% locally .

Patients daily life is blocked

Doctor Chai Tiangao said , reasons for IBS is not confirmed now in medicine , it properly  relates to tension, pressure and unhealthy customs ,some may involves inheritance

Those have weak intestines and stomach function, long-time pressure , inadequate sleep and anorexia tendency will get IBS more easily . In addition , most of them are the youth ,which may be relevant to high pressure .Doctor Chai Tiangao said IBS types includes  diarrhea , constipation and mixer. The obvious symptoms is abdominal pain, others includes abdominal distension , abnormal defecate habit (i.e. constipation or diarrhea), or they may appear alternately . Those symptoms may appear intermittently , or last for a long time . Doctor Chai Tiangao said IBS may not result in life danger , but it may affect daily life and social relationship or lead to bad mood ,even anxiety and depression for its unstability .

Kreosote : Multi-function

If you suspect you have caught the IBS , do not hesitates to ask doctor for help. As there is no substantial treatment, it need collaborative works to relieve symptoms and reduce numbers. Studies and animal experiments proves that Kreosote helps greatly relieve abdominal pain, diarrhea , constipation caused by  IBS . According to Doctor Tiangao ,

Kreosote , one of herbal medicine , is a natural mixture made by heating distilling beech . Lots of benefits : Adjust bowel movement to make it normal. Ease colon spasms caused by abdominal pain to adjust water absorption.

About two years ago, researches shows Kreosote has positive effect on IBS . Kreosote is the main ingredients in Trumpet Brand Herbal Dietary Supplement

Multi-improvement ,works better

Doctor Chai Tiangao suggest patients bring Trumpet Brand Herbal Dietary Supplement with themselves to ease nervousness as moods and illness will affect each other. Herbal dietary supplement not only helps with nerve diarrhea like IBS, but also effective for secretory diarrheas such as cholera, dysentery, norovirus viral enterogastritis, diarrhea during travel and diarrhea caused by drink alcohol. Compared with some common antidiarrheic medicines, kreosote will not cause water loss, neither will cause toxin remain in body, thus the effect is better.  

Apart from consuming herbal dietary supplement, Doctor Chai Tiangao suggest petients keep in a positive attitude to release pressure. Also it is important to have good living habits such as less drinking, enough sleep, balanced diet, and exercises. Improved from multi aspects, you will get better effects.

Herbal Dietary Supplement: the main ingredient is kreosote, a Chinese patent medicine. It has won trust from people all over the world for its function on stomachache and diarrhea since 1902 when it was available.