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Coups for mosquito repellent

Source: Kingworld medicine

Mosquitoes are furious in summer days. You may not be able to sleep for a whole night if there are mosquitoes in your bedroom. Here are 16 coups for you to repel the mosquitoes for a better sleep.

1. Mosquitoes only bite you in the crowd. It is mainly because of the smell. You may take something that mosquitoes hate the smell. Intake some vitamin B1 and 3-4 days in advance if you will go outdoors. You cannot sense the smell, but mosquitoes cannot bear it, thus will keep away from you. It is said to be workable. Try it.

2. Dissolve the vitamin B1 in water and wipe your body with it, which can also make mosquitoes stay away. There is no side effect for this water soluble vitamin. The remains will be eliminated and will not stay in body.  

3.  Steep two anises from condiment into warm water, and use the water to shower to keep mosquitoes away.

4. Light some dried orange peel indoors instead of mosquito coil, which can repel mosquitoes and relief peculiar smell in the room as well.

5. Wear clothes in light color. Attention! Aedes (also called tinea mosquito) likes to stay on blacks. So try to wear in light color in hot summers.

6. Wear socks. Many people prefer not to wear socks in summer, who may not know that mosquitoes can sense the humidity of human skin is low and more unlikely to bite if they have socks on.

7. No scratching after bitten by mosquitoes. We used to scratch as soon as we have a mosquito bite, but after scratching the interstitial fluid and lymph in skin will exudates and swell to a bump. It becomes itchy as you scratch, and the bump is not easy to vanish, which is how scratching turns to red bean leg. If you keep on not scratching, the feeling of itchy will disappear within 10 to 15 minutes. Use some Mentholatum Ointmen and the itch disappears sooner.

8. Change the water of your water plant regularly.

9. Change to another kind to get better effect if you have used one mosquito repellent for over 2 months. But always remember that mosquito repellent products will affect the health of your family and pets.

10. Eating garlic to repel mosquitoes because mosquitoes hate the garlic smell secreted from human body.

11. Use red flower oil, cooling oil and essential balm. Put some opened Kingworld Yimada red flower oil, cooling oil or essential balm. Mosquito coil is smoky and mosquito net is depressing. You can drop some essential balm on the mosquito coil before lighting to have batter air. And you can drop some essential balm on the mosquito net to improve the air and enhance the effect of mosquito repelling. Besides, Kingworld Yimada red flower oil, Flying Eagle activating collaterals are effective to cure mosquito bite.

12. Place some mosquito repelling flowers. Put some blooming jasmine, Milan or rose, best is tuberose before nightfall. Mosquitoes will escape for they cannot tolerate these flower flavors.

13. Use orange color bulb. Mosquitoes are afraid of orange light, thus it is effective.

14. Dry the argy leaves in shade and twist into ropes. Light the ropes indoor and the smoke can repel mosquitoes.

15. Dry used tea leaves in sun and burn to repel mosquitoes.

16. When using mosquito repellent plant, choose a plant of 30 cm high and more than 40 leaves for a room 15 ㎡. The effect is the best.